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Help for cards you bought

  • Track an order
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  • View or print a receipt

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  • View the list of e-Gift Cards you have received
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  • Have multiple gift cards? Combine balances into one card here.

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When will my recipient receive their Gift Card?

e-Gift Card: Your e-Gift Card will be sent via email on the delivery date you choose, with rare exceptions for processing delays. For same-day delivery, most e-Gift Cards are sent within an hour of the purchase transaction. For future delivery, e-Gift Cards are sent on the morning of the scheduled delivery date.

Plastic Gift Card: Delivery times are determined by the Shipping Method selection. Orders are generally shipped within 1-2 business days. Once your Gift Card is shipped, you will receive an email notification. For expedited shipping methods, you will also receive a tracking number, with which you may access the current shipping status of your gift.

Find the answers to many more common questions on our FAQ page.

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